Personal Papers and Manuscripts

Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Harold Abramson papers Harold Abramson, 1899-1974 1899-1974
Harold A. Abramson reprints Harold A. Abramson, 1899-1980 1921-1967
A. Bernard Ackerman papers A. Bernard Ackerman, 1936-2008 circa 1965-2004
Hattie Alexander papers Hattie Elizabeth Alexander, 1901-1968 1939-1981
Dorothy H. Andersen papers Dorothy H. Andersen, 1901-1963 1930-1966
Andrew Syngrou Hospital photograph album Andrew Syngrou Hospital (Athens, Greece) ca. 1920s
Arthur Purdy Stout collection of tumor literature Arthur Purdy Stout, 1885-1967 ca. 1906-1962.
Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists records Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists 1957-1992
Dana W. Atchley papers Dana W. Atchley, 1892-1982 1898-1969
Report to the Surgical Department of Columbia University on a trip taken in November and December 1915 Hugh Auchincloss, 1878-1947 ca. 1916
Press clippings: editorial campaign promoting the enrichment of white bread with vitamins and minerals Bakers Weekly 1940, March - 1943, December.
Remarks on the constitution, government, discipline & expences [sic] of medical schools: manuscript Samuel Bard, 1742-1821 circa 1819
Commencement address: manuscript Samuel Bard, 1742-1821 circa 1811-1820
Discourse on the importance of medical education : manuscript Samuel Bard, 1742-1821 1811
C. Andrew L. Bassett papers C. Andrew L. Bassett, 1924-1994 1951-1994
Bellevue Hospital casebooks Bellevue Hospital 1866-1916 [with gaps]
Henry W. Bellows letters Henry W. (Henry Whitney) Bellows, 1814-1882 1861-1863.
Henrik Holt Bendixen papers Henrik H. (Henrik Holt) Bendixen, 1923-2004 1943-1998 (bulk 1957-1994)
Alan Berkman papers Alan Berkman, 1945-2009 circa 1960-2010
Viola Wertheim Bernard papers Viola W. Bernard, 1907-1998 1918-2000
Louis Faugères Bishop papers Louis Faugeres Bishop, 1901-1986 1928-1972
Susan Dwight Bliss papers Susan Dwight Bliss, d. 1966 1926-1927, 1935-1955
Charles F. Bodecker papers Charles F. (Charles Francis) Bodecker, 1880-1965 1876, 1880-1941, 1946-1970
John H. Bogle papers John Hamilton Bogle, 1906-1978 1943-1946.
George Emerson Brewer scrapbook George Emerson Brewer, 1861-1939 1903, 1913-1923 (bulk 1917-1919)
Notes on the surgical lectures given to the New York Training School for Nurses, City-Hospital George Emerson Brewer, 1861-1939 circa 1900
Charlotte Cowdrey Brown papers Charlotte Cowdrey Brown, 1872-1941 1894-1898
George Brown papers George Brown, 1755-1822 1774-1779
Frederick Augustus Burrall notebook and diary Frederick Augustus Burrall, 1830-1908 1868-1889
Frank A. Calderone papers Frank A. Calderone, 1901-1987 1911-1984 (bulk 1936-1957)
Moses Champion letters Moses Champion, d.1838 1818-1819
Charles Frederick Chandler Papers Charles Frederick Chandler, 1836-1925 1877-1888
Nicholas Christy papers Nicholas Christy, 1923-2014 circa 1930s-2002
Leoni Neumann Claman papers Leoni Neumann Claman, 1900-1989 1917, 1922-1924
Richard W. Clapp papers Richard W. Clapp, 1945- 1968-2001 (bulk 1968-1977)
Clement C. Clay papers Clement C. Clay, 1905-1978 1917-1977 (bulk 1925-1970)
Isabel Cohen appointment and receipt books Isabel Cohen 1946-1949
Wissenschaftlichen Zusammenkunste Deutscher Aerzte, minutes Collegium der Arzte der Deutschen Dispensary und Hospital (New York, N.Y.). Wissenschaftlichen Zusammenkunste Deutscher Aerzte 1879 June 27 – 1882 June 23
Eugene Cook photographs for the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Eugene Cook, 1917-1986 circa 1968-1970s
Arnold Cooper papers Arnold Cooper, 1923- 1971-1976
Bard Cosman plastic surgery case reports Bard Cosman, 1930-1983 1960-1962
André F. Cournand papers André F. Cournand, 1895-1988 1927-1984 (bulk 1946-1981)
George F. Crikelair Collection of Information Council on Fabric Flammability publications George F. Crikelair, 1921-2005 1967-1975
Harvey's views on the use of the circulation of the blood: manuscript John Green Curtis, 1844-1913 ca. 1907-1913
John Green Curtis laboratory notebook John Green Curtis, 1844-1913 1875-1885
John Call Dalton lecture memoranda books John Call Dalton, 1825-1889 ca. 1875-1883
George E. Daniels papers George E. (George Eaton), Daniels, 1896-1987 1942-1944, 1961-1975
Elizabeth Davis papers Elizabeth Davis, 1920-2010 1949-1998 (bulk 1964-1982)
G. E. De Schweinitz letters G. E. (George Edmund) De Schweinitz, 1858-1938 1932-1933
Robert J. Demarest medical illustrations Robert J. Demarest circa 1955-1990


As part of its mission to document the history of the health sciences both generally and at Columbia University, Archives & Special Collections actively collects the personal papers of those men and women who have had distinguished careers in medicine, nursing, dentistry or public health.  In addition, we may acquire records of health care organizations in the New York City area and individual manuscripts, such as letters, student notebooks, or physician's casebooks, if they have some connection with Columbia University, the Presbyterian Hospital, or New York.

Personal papers and manuscripts date from the 16th century to the present with the bulk being from the last century. Included are the papers of Nobel Laureates André Cournand and Dickinson Richards; plastic surgery pioneer and historian of medicine Jerome P. Webster; community psychiatrist and social activist Viola Bernard; biochemist and dental education reformer William Gies; early dyslexia researchers Samuel and June Lyday Orton; and AIDS activist Mathilde Krim, among many others. We also records of New York based health organizations such as the Maternity Center Association and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

Of particular interest is the Student Notebook Collection which holds over 170 volumes created by more than 40 individuals from 1786 into the 1950s. The vast majority of these notebooks document medical education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, with the major exception being John Kearney Rodgers's notes from his studies with Sir Astley Cooper and John Abernethy in London in 1817-1818.

Other highlights include a 16th century record book from the Pharmacy of St. Paul in Bologna; several letters of Sigmund Freud and part of his autograph draft for Totem und Tabu; and 19th and early 20th century patient casebooks from Presbyterian, Bellevue and several other New York City hospitals.

Records of most manuscript collections are included in CLIO, the library's catalog.