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Correspondence and documents of members of the Graham family of Wallkill, Ulster County, New York. Of principal importance are James G. Graham's notes of the lectures of Dr. Samuel Bard, taken while Graham was a student at the King's College medical faculty (now the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons) during the 1773/74 session. In addition there is a small volume of Graham's notes on his medical reading, undated but probably from the same period.

The correspondence is largely from George G. Graham, the brother of James, who joined the British Army in New York as a surgeon in 1778. Written from Quebec and London in the 1780s and 1790s, the letters are mostly about family matters and George Graham's duties as surgeon at the general hospital in Quebec. Other documents include George Graham's will and letters relating to his estate, 1799-1800. There are also letters of introduction from James Graham to Henry Rutgers and Samuel Latham Mitchill on behalf of his son, also named George G. Graham, who came to New York City in 1814 to study medicine.

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1 1 James G. Graham, notes on Samuel Bard's lectures: "of the Cure of a Lax; on Inflamation; on the Putrid Malignant.Fevers; on Small Pox; on Measles and Crispelatous Tumors; of Hypochrondriac and Hysteriac Diseases; on Intermitents; Morbid Evacuations; Hamorrhages," Dec. 11, 1773-Mar. 7, 1774, notebook, 10 p.
  2 James G. Graham, notes on Samuel Bard's lectures: "Pleuro Penpneumony," Feb. 4, 1774, 1 p. [with typed transcript]
  3 James G. Graham, notes on Samuel Bard's lectures: "On the Quinsey," Feb. 11, 1774, 1 p. [with typed transcript]
  4 James G. Graham, notes on Samuel Bard's lectures: "On the Nature and Causes of Putrid Malignant Fevers," Feb. 14, 1774, 1 p. [with typed transcript]
  5 James G. Graham, notes on Samuel Bard's lectures: "On Inflamation," n.d., 1 p.
  6 James G. Graham, notes on Samuel Bard's lectures: "Upon the Palsey -- its Different Causes," n.d., 1 p.
  7 James G. Graham: notes on medical reading, n.d., but probably 1770s: mentions works by Richard Mead, Giorgio Baglivi, Albrecht von Haller, James Lind, Hermann Boerhaave, notebook, 29 p.
  8 George G. Graham (d. 1799): 1 letter to Mrs. Philander Forbes, New York City, 1781; 4 letters to his brother, Dr. James G. Graham of Wallkill, N.Y., 1785, 1798.
  9 George G. Graham: last will and testament, made at Quebec, Nov. 11, 1799 (2 copies).
  10 Isaac W. Clarke, New York City: 2 letters to James G. Graham, Wallkill and 1 letter to James Cooper, New York City, regarding the estate of George G. Graham, 1800.
  11 James G. Graham: fragment of letter to Isaac W. Clarke regarding his brother's estate, n.d., but probably 1800.
  12 James G. Graham: letters of introduction for his son George G. Graham to Col. Henry Rutgers and Samuel Latham Mitchill, 1814.
  13 Certificate attesting to George G. Graham’s training in medicine and surgery from the Medical Society of the County of New York, April 1, 1816 [in Latin]. Signed by John R. B. Rodgers and Gerardus Cooper.
  14 George G. Graham: receipt for payment of  his membership dues to the Ulster County (N.Y.) Medical Society, 1824.

Purchase, 1940/41 with the assistance of Dr. W.W. Palmer. Sometime thereafter the papers were broken up and filed alphabetically by name of author in the "P&S Manuscript Collection." At this time James Graham's notes were incorrectly cataloged as being by Samuel Bard. A reappraisal of the notes in the late 1990s uncovered the error and all the documents acquired in 1940/41were reconstituted as a separate collection.