• Medical Center Art Exhibit, 1957

    Visitors examine the works on display at the annual Medical Center art exhibit, March 1957.

  • Dental student examining patient, 1976

    Dental student -- and, later, dental faculty member -- Thomas J. Connolly (Class of 1977) examines a patient during a healthcare clinic, June 1976.

  • Operating room scene, circa 1900

    Surgeons and nurses performing in the operating room, probably New York Hospital, circa 1900.

  • Bard Hall Players Perform "Anything Goes," 1972.

    Yvonne Thornton (VP&S 1973), far left, performs in the Bard Hall Players production of Anything Goes, 1972.

  • Nursing students, commencement 1964.

    School of Nursing students at Commencement, June 1964.