Longitudinal Harlem Adolescent Health Study records


Records of the Longitudinal Harlem Adolescent Health Study (LHAHS), a survey of the health needs and problems of African-American adolescents who intially lived in the Central Harlem Health District of New York City.  The survey was conducted periodically from 1968 to 1993.  Included is an almost complete set of the interview questionnaires completed by the interviewers in face-to-face sessions with the participants. Additional records include background articles, brochures, interviewers' manuals for waves 1-4, codebooks for all five waves, and a surveyor's kit from 1989.


Longitudinal Harlem Adolescent Health Study

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33 cubic feet (34 boxes)



Because the names and personally identifiable information of the participants were never included in the questionnaires, the records are open without restrictions.

Boxes 1-33 are stored off-site and will take 1-2 days to retrieve. Researchers must call in advance to use the collection.

By terms of the deed of gift, Archives and Special Collections is required to notify the donor of the names and affiliations of researchers who use the records. In addition, all researchers who use the records must deposit a copy of their published research (in any medium) with the Health Sciences Library.

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