Samuel Torrey Orton and June Lyday Orton case files


Over 3200 case files of dyslexic children seen by Samuel Torrey Orton and June Lyday Orton between 1925 and 1977. Cases prior to 1948 are from Samuel Orton's private practice in New York City, though June Orton was much involved with evaluation and remedial planning. Later cases are from June Orton's work in language disabilities in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Contents vary over time, but the files usually contain referral information from schools; detailed case histories; tests administered; educational profiles with test results plotted; case reports; progress reports; and correspondence with patients, their parents, and their teachers.


Samuel Torrey Orton, 1879-1948 and June Lyday Orton, 1898-1977

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65 cubic feet (138 boxes, 8 cartons)



All 3231 case files in the collection were microfilmed in North Carolina in 1980-81. Researchers must use these microfilm copies.

Though surnames have been removed, the records still retain personally identifying information.  Researchers are allowed access only after agreeing not to publish any names or personally identifying information of those individuals with learning disabilities treated by the Ortons.

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Samuel Torrey and June Lyday Orton Case Files, Archives & Special Collections, Columbia University Health Sciences Library.