Education, Medical - United States

Personal Papers and Manuscripts
Title Creator Dates
Remarks on the constitution, government, discipline & expences [sic] of medical schools: manuscript Samuel Bard, 1742-1821 circa 1819
George Huntington papers George Huntington, 1850-1916 1845-2000
George R. Merriam, Jr. papers George R. Merriam, Jr., 1913-2004 1937-1946
Joseph Didier Montmarquet student notebooks Joseph Didier Montmarquet, 1860-1906 1887-1889.
Walter W. Palmer collection of medical education reprints Walter Walker Palmer, 1882- 1906-1950
College of Physicians & Surgeons in the City of New York / Columbia University Faculty of Medicine, 1807-
Title Creator Dates
Minutes regarding the Medical School and Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University. Trustees 1918-1919