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"A Situation as Grave as the Presbyterian Hospital Has Ever Faced": The Spanish Flu in New York, 1918-19

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How did New York City’s hospitals deal with the worldwide influenza pandemic of 1918, the so-called “Spanish flu”?  Some idea of how they were affected can be found in the annual reports of Presbyterian Hospital, which had been the main clinical partner of Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons since 1911.

Play Ball!

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Archives & Special Collections recently received a delightful and interesting donation: a scorecard for the 1935 Presbyterian Hospital baseball team.  Four pages long and measuring 10” by 7 ½”, it’s more substantial than these items tend to be and it contains a surprising amount of information for such an ephemeral piece.

Archives & Special Collections Receives METRO Grant

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Archives & Special Collections has received a Digital Conversion Micro-Grant from METRO, the New York Metropolitan Library Council.  The grant will allow us to complete the digitization of the annual reports of six former or current health care constituents of the Columbia University Medical Center dating from 1920 to the present.