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Dorothy H. Andersen: A Women's History Month Profile

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Even among the many significant medical women who worked at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in the mid-20th century, Dr. Dorothy H. Andersen stands out.  Her 1938 article “Cystic Fibrosis of the Pancreas and its Relation to Celiac Disease” in the American Journal of Diseases of Children was the first to correctly identify the disease. During her lifetime, Andersen became the country’s leading cystic fibrosis researcher and, along with her colleague Paul Sant’ di Agnese (P&S 1948), she later created the first tests to diagnose the disease.


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Fifty years ago on November 9, 1965, a massive power failure hit the northeastern United States and the Canadian province of Ontario plunging more than 30 million people into darkness at the start of the evening rush hour.

The Medical Center remained open throughout the crisis, with emergency generators providing limited lighting and allowing one elevator to function.  Medical and nursing personnel remained at their posts overnight, and medical and nursing students volunteered to help. No patients were lost and the ER never closed.